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Department of Nephrology

KMC Hospital, Mangalore has been recognized as the largest centre for Kidney care in Southern Karnataka. The 24 hrs Dialysis Centre is backed with highly qualified & experienced Doctors, Nurses, Technical staff and state of the art dialysis unit. Since inception on 30th Sept’02 the KMC Dialysis Centre has successfully performed over 85,000 Dialysis (till 30th Nov’09). The Dialysis Centre is equipped with 16 state of the art machines with R.O. water treatment plant. Exclusive facility is available for HCV/HbsAg positive patients.

Treatment / Services offered
  1. Hemodialysis (Bicarbonate dialysis)
    • Chronic Maintenance Hemodialysis (24/7 service)
    • Acute Hemodialysis
  2. Peritoneal dialysis
    • Acute PD
    • CAPD
    • APD
    • CCPD
    • IPD
  3. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  4. Kidney Biopsy
  5. Renal Transplantation
  6. Pediatric Nephrology (Nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, vesicoureteric reflux, lupus nephritis, proteinuria,  hematuria, hypertension)
  7. Chronic, Acute and critical care (ICU dialysis facility available)

Department of Urology (Genito Urinary Surgery)

The Department of Urology deals with surgical afflictions of the urinary tract in both sexes with medical and surgical aspects of male genital tract.

  • Endourology (endoscopic & key hole surgeries)
  • Paediatric Urology (Urinary problems of children)
  • Uro - oncology (Tumors & cancers)
  • Gynaecologic Urology (Female Urology)
  • Andrology (Male Inferility & sexual dysfunction)
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Urodynamics

Lower Urinary Tract disorders (Bladder and Urethra) puzzles the most knowledgeable specialists as the symptoms overlap & conflict with other diagnoses. Compounding this is often patient reluctance to discuss symptoms they find embarrassing such as urgent or frequent urination or retention.

Urodynamics helps in understanding the exact nature of a given patients’ problem and assists in offering a more focused treatment approach. Data generated by urodynamic evaluation is crucial when surgical interventions on the lower urinary tract are planned as the test information is very helpful in predicting treatment outcomes.

Urodynamics refers to a series of diagnostic tests that evaluate the function of the bladder and urethra for patients experiencing symptoms namely frequency, urgency, precipitancy, hesitancy, straining, sense of incomplete emptying, thin stream, terminal dribble and incontinence.

The Test can be performed by a trained Urology nurse in the outpatient department and doesn’t require anesthesia. The test involves putting a very small catheter into the patient’s bladder, which is then hooked to a saline solution source & a Urodynamics equipment. Monitoring device of this equipment records pressure and volumetric data which throw light of the various disorders of the lower urinary tract.

Some of the commonly done urodynamic tests are:
  1. Uroflowmetry
  2. Pressure flow studies
  3. Cystometry, EMG
  4. Urethral pressure profilometry
Common urinary problems that call for these tests are:
  1. Bladder outlet obstruction
  2. Incontinence of urine
  3. Unexplained voiding symptoms
At times, without the help of urodynamics studies it is impossible to tell if a certain treatment will alleviate the symptoms. It spares the patient & physician from guess work before choosing a particular method of treatment.

Outpatient Services:
  • All days except Sundays and holidays between 9am & 1pm.
  • After 1pm OP services will be provided by on call consultants.
  • Day care for all minor genitor urinary surgery.
  • Counselling services in sexual dysfunction, transplantation , stone disease, voiding dysfunction.
Diagnostic Facilities
  • Uro – Radiology : Ultrasound (Duplex), transrectal ultrasound, helical CT scanning , 3D reconstruction MRI with conventional radiology (digital radiodiagnosis & image intensifier).