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The Department provides clinical anesthesia services to all surgical specialties at K.M.C. Hospital, Ambedkar Circle & Attavar, Mangalore. Anesthesiologists are actively involved in the management of patients in the Operation Room, Post-operative Wards, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room, Trauma Centre and Outpatient Anesthesia Service. Management of acute and chronic pain is also undertaken.


Department of Anesthesiology is equipped with latest Anesthesia machines and ventilators, invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, warming devices and offer sophisticated anesthesia services for specialties like Orthopedics, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Surgery and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery’. Patients needing critical care and monitoring are provided ventilator support in I.C.U. Continuous epidural analgesia, caudal block and regional blocks are undertaken to provide acute pain relief during postoperative period.

Monitored Anesthesia Care is provided for procedures like Bone marrow study, MRI, ECT etc. Evaluation of all patients for elective surgeries is done by faculty members and they prepare the patients for surgery in optimum condition and avoid unnecessary cancellation.


Department is provided with latest anesthesia machines, monitors and ventilators on OR & I.C.U. High risk surgeries are accepted and managed with intensive monitoring with continuous intra arterial pressure monitoring and central venous access.

Department has MRI compatible anesthesia machine and monitor with which anesthesia for special radiological diagnostic procedures like MRI is provided; Fibreoptic bronchoscope and Laryngoscope and other airway adjuncts for difficult airway management. Patient warming system is available in OR to prevent hypothermia during surgeries.