List of Different Jobs in the Indian Railways

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Jobs in the Indian Railways
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Indian Railway is the lifeline of our country India. It has a vast network that connects the entire country. When we think of Indian Railways, the first image that comes to our mind is of a locomotive driver, but in reality, this industry is much more diverse.

Behind all these scenes, there is a team of many professionals who work continuously and tirelessly to make our journey smooth.

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Jobs in the Indian Railways
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If you want to make a career in Indian Railways, but driving a train is not your hobby, then read this article specially prepared for you. In this, we have explained in detail about the best job opportunities available in the railway sector.

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List of Jobs in the Indian Railways

1. Station Master: The station master is in charge of the railway station, who takes care of all the activities like managing the arrival and departure of trains and ensuring the safety of passengers. The station master is responsible for coordinating with various departments like maintenance, ticketing and security personnel.

2. Ticket Collector: Ticket collectors play an important role in the revenue generation of railways. Their job is to check passengers’ tickets, collect fares and ensure proper documentation during travel. It is also their job to issue platform tickets and provide basic information to passengers.

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3. Commercial Clerk: This position is usually responsible for handling the commercial aspects of railway operations. They manage freight processing, cargo space booking, and customer inquiries related to freight services.

4. Track Maintainer: This team works to keep the rail track safe and maintained. As we all know that the safety of people traveling in trains is the most important thing and it all depends on the condition of the train track. Track maintainers ensure that there are no obstructions in the track, check for wear and tear and repair it if needed.

5. Technician: There are variety of technicians working together for the smooth running of Indian Railways.

  • The role of electrical technicians is to maintain locomotives and signaling systems.
  • The role of mechanical technicians is to work on carriages and wagons.
  • The role of electronics technicians is to ensure that communication infrastructure of the trains functions flawlessly.

6. Engineers: Engineers play vital roles in Indian Railways, ranging from civil engineers who design and maintain the railway infrastructure to signal engineers who manage all the complex network of signaling systems.

7. RPF Officer: RPF stands for Railway Protection Force, their responsibility is to ensure the safety of passengers in trains and railway premises. They patrol, check and maintain law and order at stations, trains and tracks.

8. Medical Officer: Indian Railways also has a vast network of hospitals and dispensaries to cater to the medical needs of employees and passengers. So the duty of medical officers here is to provide healthcare, manage emergencies and conduct medical examinations for railway personnel.

So as per the information written above which we have shared with you, it offers a lot of career paths that Indian Railways offers. Many other roles like accountants, commercial inspectors, chefs, and housekeeping staff play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and smooth running of this large network of Indian Railways.

If you have dreamt of a secure career and being a part of this large network, then get into the exciting field of becoming a Locomotive Driver in Indian Railways!

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