1. High Energy: Bernese Mountain Dogs require daily exercise otherwise they become destructive.

2. Shedding Champs: These Dogs are having very heavy hairs and require Regular brushing.

3. Separation Anxiety: If you leave them alone for long periods, then they starts barking.

4. Potential for Dominance: Male Bernese Mountain Dogs may challenge for leadership.

5. Large Breed, Big Appetite: Feeding a Bernese Mountain Dog comes with a hefty food bill.

6. Grooming Needs: Their thick double coat requires regular brushing to prevent matting.

7. Drool Factor: Be prepared for slobbery kisses and potential drool puddles.

8. Short Lifespan: On average, Bernese Mountain Dogs live only for 6-8 years.

9. Prone to Health Issues: Hip dysplasia and bloat are common concerns for this breed.

10. Not Apartment-Friendly: Their size and energy make them better suited for houses with yards.