1. Tail wagging: Sign of happiness, excitement, or greeting but a slow wag with tucked tail can signal fear.

2. Barking: Communication, expressing emotions like alert, fear, or playfulness.

3. Whining: Seeking attention, expressing needs, or indicating discomfort.

4. Licking: Affection, appeasement, or self-soothing.

5. Chewing: Natural behavior for exploring, teething, or relieving boredom.

6. Digging: Hunting instinct, boredom outlet, or seeking coolness.

7. Rolling over: Submission, appeasement, or invitation for play.

8. Leaning: Affection, seeking attention, or wanting a reward.

9. Ear position: Communication of mood, alertness, or submission.

10. Play bowing: Invitation to play, often with a wagging tail.