1. Second Chance, First Love Anthem: Archuleta sang his brand-new song, "Hell Together," which was motivated by discovering love and acceptance of oneself.

2. From Teenage Idol to Adult Artist: Archuleta, who is at 33, demonstrated his remarkable vocal development over time.

3. Coming Out & Discovering Freedom: Archuleta, who is openly LGBTQ+, talked about his difficulties growing up as a Mormon and his ultimate release.

4. Mormon Origins, Creative Escape: Growing up in a pious Mormon home, Archuleta discovered a spiritual connection in her own artistic expression and music.

5. "Hell Together" Inspiration: The inspirational words of "Hell Together" came from a talk he had with his understanding mother.

6. Archuleta now discovers spiritual connection in unexpected settings, such as EDM events, having transitioned from church pews to EDM festivals.

7. Fan Reminiscence Trip: After Archuleta's comeback, longtime fans poured passion across social media.

8. Sweet & Kind Angel Acclaimed: For his genuineness and stirring performance, Archuleta received a ton of affection from his fans.

9. Truth & Triumph: As fans celebrated Archuleta for being true to himself, "Hell Together" struck a chord with them.

10. A Long Way Since Idol: Archuleta's path demonstrates development on the inside, acceptance of oneself, and artistic progress.