1. Myth: Dogs only see black & white.  Fact: They see some colors, but not as richly as humans.

2. Myth: A wagging tail = happy dog. Fact: Wagging can also indicate alertness or anxiety.

3. Myth: Big dogs need more exercise. Fact: Energy levels vary by breed, not just size.

4. Myth: Dry nose = sick dog. Fact: Noses can be dry for many reasons, including weather.

5. Myth: Purebreds are healthier. Fact: Mixed breeds can be just as healthy.

6. Myth: Old dogs can't learn new tricks. Fact: They're just as capable as younger pups!

7. Myth: Dog kisses are clean. Fact: Their mouths harbor bacteria, just like ours.

8. Myth: Small dogs are perfect for apartments. Fact: Some larger breeds can be surprisingly adaptable.

9. Myth: Aggressive dogs are always dangerous. Fact: Often fear or lack of training is the cause.

10. Myth: Dogs need meat only. Fact: A balanced diet includes veggies too!