1. Red Fox: Sly and adaptable, the red fox thrives in forests, mountains, and even cities!

2. Arctic Fox: With fur that turns white in winter, this arctic fox camouflages perfectly in the snow.

3. Maned Wolf: Look at those legs! The maned wolf, the tallest wild canine in South America, hunts on the grasslands.

4. Gray Wolf: Howling at the moon, the gray wolf is a powerful pack hunter found in North America, Europe, and Asia.

5. Golden Jackal: Golden fur and running tricks, the golden jackal is a skilled scavenger and hunter across Asia and Africa.

6. Dhole: Also known as the Asiatic wild dog, the dhole is an endangered hunter with a distinctive reddish-brown coat.

7. Ethiopian Wolf: Living high in the mountains of Africa, the endangered Ethiopian wolf is a social hunter with unique social bonds.

8. Dingo: Australia's wild dog, the dingo is an ancient canine descended from domesticated dogs brought by humans.

9. African Wild Dog: Painted with a patchwork of black, white, and brown, the African wild dog is a social hunter known for its stamina.

10. Bush Dog: Short legs and a bushy tail, the adorable bush dog is a small, semi-aquatic hunter found in South America.